Family support helped Pappathi


Pappathi, 28 years old woman lives in Thuvariman village. She is married and has two children aged 7 and 4 years respectively. She took treatment for depression from Shant Manas seven  years ago. Her mental health improved as she continued treatment. She moved to her husband’s village with her children and she continued to live well and to carry all responsibilities of her house.

Before two months ago, she had symptoms of relapse. She heard voices and isolated herself from others. Her husband had difficulties in managing her. She took her to some spiritual healers, but it didn’t improve her mental health.  Finally Pappathi moved to her mother’s home at Thuvariman. Her husband also moved with her carrying their children. The whole family got affected because of Pappathi’s mental health issue.

Pappathi’s brother Karuppu approached Shant Manas for mental health treatment for his sister Pappathi as soon as she reached Thuvariman.  Shant Manas social worker visited Pappathi’s home and assessed her mental health state and interacted with her husband and family.  Her husband worried about her mental health state. He said Pappathi used to be very hardworking and responsible lady. Now she talks to herself and shows no interest in interacting and neglects herself.

Shant Manas social worker referred Pappathi to a Psychiatrist and she was prescribed with Antipsychotic medicines. The social worker visited the Pappathi ‘s home and counseled her in every two days.  The social worker was able to involve family members in the treatment process and to bring their support towards Pappathi’s recovery. After one month of treatment, Pappathi’s mental health has improved.  Now she interacts with her family and looks after her children well.

When people with mental health problems are supported by their family and health worker during difficult times, they will overcome their difficult times very quickly. It is our responsibility to care for our fellow human beings.


Academic Services Coordinator

Shant Manas